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The Lakshmi Group was established in 1990 to manufacture a wide range of products including ferroalloys, inoculants and steel ingots. Since then, we have grown to a large scale. We are equipped with the manufacturing units and sophisticated warehouses at Bangalore, Pondicherry, Palamaneru, Hindupur, Renigunta, Nirmal and Vizag. We have catered to a wide range of sectors including steel industries, casting foundries and welding electrode plants.

The manufacturing process and other operations of the company are updated on a frequent basis as per the developments in the industry. The manufacturing unit runs on the combination of domestic and foreign technology in order to produce the quality products that meet our strict in-house standards.
Hindupur unit: This unit is at Hindupur, which is around 100 Km from Bangalore. This place is situated on the border between Karnataka and Andhra. We can get good quality manganese ores as a lot of reputed manganese ore suppliers are within the proximity of this unit. This unit is having 2x6 MVA furnaces and can produce up to 18000 MT of Silico Manganese or up to 7200 MT of Ferro Silicon per annum.

Tirupati Unit: This unit is at Gajulamandyam located on Tirupati-Chennai Highway. This unit is within the vicinity of the three major ports namely, Krishnapatnam (120 Km), Chennai (145 Km) and Visakhapatnam (740 Km). The unit capacity is 12 MVA. This unit can produce up to 20000 MTS of Silico Manganese per annum.

Garividi Unit: This unit is at Garividi which is around 75 Km from Visakhapatnam port and very much suitable for both exports and imports. It is close to one of the major Ferro Alloys consumer, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant. The principle raw material is manganese ore and most of the manganese ore mines are located within the radius of 20 to 70 Km. This unit has a furnace with the capacity of 5 MVA and can produce up to 9000 MTS of Silico Manganese per annum. We are planning to expand this unit keeping in view of the port facility and the nearby availability of raw materials.

Nirmal Unit: This unit is at Nirmal, a new state of Telangana. This place is at Telangana Maharashtra border. Our main objective of this unit is to cater to the North Indian states and also to get the best quality manganese ore which is our principle raw material. MOIL is one of the biggest manganese ore suppliers in India which is about 200 KM from this unit. So we can get the best Indian manganese ore with a very less transportation cost. This place is also nearer to Hyderabad. So we can both catch the South Indian market and North Indian market with this unit. We are also planning to manufacture Ferro Silicon in this plant. This unit is having 2 x 6 MVA furnaces and can produce up to 10500 MTS of Silico Manganese and up to 5500 MTS of Ferro Silicon per annum.
The main pillars of Lakshmi Metallurgy Limited are three brothers namely V Prabhakar, V Babu and V Vijay Kumar and they have expertise in manufacturing, importing and supplying of Ferro Alloys.

The inception of the idea for this company was seeded in their minds since their young days as they were actively participating in their father’s Foundry Industry. The trio decided to individually handle the three important sections of the industry. Mr.Prabhakar acquired in-depth technical knowledge about steel scrap and Ferro Alloys and also implemented his insights of marketing into practice. Mr.Babu became adept in the day to day administration, whereas Mr.Vijay Kumar became proficient in various aspects of production.


In 1990, Mr.Prabhakar started M/s. Sri Lakshmi Traders with the goal to provide quality trading in Ferro Alloy and scrap metals through the excellent quality of products and on time delivery.

In 1996, two brothers Mr.V Babu and Mr.Vijaya Kumar shared the same passion as Mr Prabhakar’s and joined the firm to take the business to the next level/ to evolve/advance/expand the business.

The combined effort of the family members has resulted in the marked beginning of M/s/ Lakshmi Metal & Ferro Alloys to suffice the growing volume of Ferro Alloys & Metals business. In the same year, with the interdisciplinary expertise in action, M/s Lakshmi Alloys was founded for trading minor materials and miscellaneous foundry inputs. In 2002, M/s Lakshmi Metallurgical India Pvt Ltd was started in Pondicherry to manufacture Ferro Molybdenum, Inoculants, and Slag Lak etc. In the year 2006, M/s Lakshmi Metallurgical India Pvt Ltd changed to Lakshmi Metallurgy Limited after obtaining ISO 9001-2000 certification.

The year 2007 was an important phase as the focus of the directors were on steel ingots and a manufacturing plant with advanced machinery was installed at Palamaner, Andhra Pradesh.

Lakshmi Metallurgy Limited is run by a board of three Directors who have extensive experience and valuable insights of the industry and this has strengthened their relationship with the chain of customers all over India. At present, the combined output of all the plants can produce up to 30,000 MTS per annum.
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